Once upon a time there was a magical world of a thousand colors, full of fun shapes called SUPI. A world where everyone was happy and creative, they played and explored the world in their own way... And then...
Wait! this is the end, I still have to tell you how the whole story began!

Before Supi KIDS was born, this world was gray and invaded by a ferocious multi-legged monster. One of its legs was the tentacle of waste, which was fed by wood waste. This monster was getting bigger and bigger and its superpowers were getting stronger every time it ate a piece of wood waste.
Another big leg was the industrialized world, where art and small details didn´t matter. This leg fed on speed and standardized processes. Its last leg was the worst, the tentacle of injustice, feeding on unemployed people and lost talents.

One day, a brave hero named Sonki arrived on this dark planet, overcame many obstacles, and managed to fight the first tentacle! Using the waste wood, he began to create wonderful elements thinking about the fun of children, and he defeated the first leg, THE WASTE

Then Unco, came along and discovered that the key to making the perfect toy is hidden in the small details. He eliminated the machines and replaced them with the hands for craftmen who fill everything with illusion! That´s how he conquered the second leg, SPEED.

The monster was very weakened but still had a powerful leg. Here came Peti and fought the hidden talents, brought out the best in each person and gave them a purpose, making their talents into magical wooden toys. And so the third leg, THE LOST TALENTS, was defeated.

The monster finally disappeared, but the story doesn't end there! Igui was missing, who arrived in his magic boat full of smiles, stories, creativity, dreams and wonderful elements. He populated this once sad planet with happy children! Thus, SUPI, with Sonki, Unco, Peti and Igui was born. SUPI brought children´s happiness, awoke hidden talents, created products with magic and sustainability to our planet and now….this tale of wood, laughter and happy children has begun!

We are a Colombian brand

Which manufactures all its products in Medellín from wood waste and remnants.